Inside the NMBA

New Mexico Broadcasters Association serves to promote cooperation and understanding among broadcasters, both radio and television, as well as enahnce and promote relationships with businesses and other organizations in the service of communities throughout the state.

New Mexico radio and television broadcasters understand the importance of serving their community, and work hard at identifying local issues, providing free air time, and assisting community programs and organizations.From helping local charities to investigating corruption to reporting breaking news, our broadcasters keep communities engaged, informed, and alert.

LEFT: Kristin Curry of KRQE greets Balloon Fiesta visitors during the week-long annual event.

In addition to being a vital partner in communities across the state, local radio and television play a key role in keeping the economy of the state and the country moving forward. By providing FREE entertainment, news and local programming, our members provide an important value to the American economy that is often overlooked. At its core, local TV and radio enhance economic productivity, efficiency and growth.

Member television stations cover community programs and events that encourage tourism, commerce and investment. Providing important information, New Mexico television and radio boost competition, encourage new investment and helps drive our economy.

In 2014, New Mexico broadcasters aired about 22,000 hours of local news coverage in every community and in many languages, including Spanish and Navajo. "Our station is a central clearance house for the region providing a daily 15 minute live program, Din’e Speaks," KGAK in Gallup.

RIGHT: During monsoon season, the Santa Clara tribe needed to see how the flooding had damaged some of their sacred land. So, we took tribal leaders up in Sky 7 to evaluate the damage.

The New Mexico Broadcasters Association (NMBA) is a not-for-profit corporation chartered by the State of New Mexico in 1951. It membership includes radio and television stations, as well as other community members with a stake in broadcasting. During its long history, the NMBA has helped and encouraged the development of the art of broadcasting by standardizing customs and practices which are in the best interests of the public and the broadcasting industry. The Association's key responsibilities include assisting its members with general and broadcast-specific business challenges through educational seminars, legal hotlines, grassroots lobbying (in-state and on Capitol Hill), and additional opportunities to receive industry specific assistance, locate helpful resources, and network with fellow broadcasters.