2018 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards

Metro Market Radio

DJ Personality Aircheck
KBQI-FM - KBQI Afternoons with Bev
Bev Rainey

Breaking News
KNML-AM - Paul Krebs Resignation
Jeff Siembieda - JJ Buck
Jeff had Paul on within 1 hour of official annoucement

Feature News Story
KKOB-AM - Clean Drinking Water
Pat Allen - Talent

KKOB-AM - Mike Gaba Newscaster
Mike Gaba
PM Drive Newscaster on News Radio KKOB

Sports Show or Interview
KQTM - Metro Market - KQTM - The Locker Room with Bob Brown interviews Brian Urlacher 03-01-18
Talent: Bob Brown Producer: Mike Burt

Talk Show or Interview
KIOT-FM - Uncle Sam interviews Kelly Hansen of Foreigner
Sam Newton
Uncle Sam of Coyote 102.5 Interviews Kelly Hansen of Foreigner

Morning Show
KKSS-FM - Gina Lee Fuentez Show with Gina and Ando
Gina Lee Fuentez & Ando (Anders Tsabetsaye)

Sports Play by Play
KQTM - 6A State Football Championship, Manzano vs. La Cueva, 12-2-17
PBP: Scott Galetti, Color: David Williams, Halftime/Postgame: Austin Denton, Producers: Kelly Watson (Studio)/Scott Galetti (On-Site)

Public Service Announcement
KKOB-AM - Mercedes Benz Golf Tournament - PEI Benefit
Bryan Simmons, David Bernard
Mercedes Benz Golf Tournament benefiting Presbyterian Ear Institute for deaf children.

Public Service Campaign
KPEK-FM - KPEK - Radiothon to benefit the UNM Childrens Hospital
Jackie James, Tony Manero, Donnie Chase, Ryan Safford

Station Promotional Announcement
KRST-FM - KRST Tortuga Festival
David Bernard - Brad Hansen
Promo Announcement

KQTM - Metro Market - KQTM - Website - 1017theteam.com
Andy Swanson and Mike Burt

:30 Commercial
KPEK-FM - KPEK - Good Water Company
Jeff Brown

:60 Commercial
KPEK-FM - KPEK - Rappin in The 90s
Jeff Brown

Social Media Integration
KKOB-AM - Take A Ride On Us
Joe Gonzales, Zack Visser, Mandi Vaquerq, Alison Atwood

Specialty Show
KPEK-FM - KPEK - Community Talk
Donnie Chase

Station of the Year
KPEK-FM - Station of the Year
Chuck Hammond, General Manager