2018 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards

Medium Market Radio

DJ Personality Aircheck
KSMX-FM - KT Kelley Mix 107.5 Afternoons
KT Kelley

Breaking News
KSMX-FM - Military Plane Crash Near Clovis Airport
Cari Kelley, Duffy Moon

Feature News Story
KSMX-FM - Feature News 03-23-17 10 Year Anniversary of Clovis Tornado
Casey Peacock

Continuing Coverage
KINN-AM - Election Night 2016
Joe Muench - Talent Julianne Muench - Talent Tom Fuller - Talent Mike Mason - Producer

KIXN-FM - Up To Date With Dawn Morgan
Dawn Morgan

Complete Newscast Station
KIXN-FM - Up To Date With Dawn Morgan
Dawn Morgan

Sports Show or Interview
KIXN-FM - Lea County Sports Report
Ty Friend

Talk Show or Interview
KYEE-FM - Garth Brooks
James White Talent and Producer

Morning Show
KSMX-FM - Mix Mornings With Duffy and Amber
Duffy Moon, Amber Kaye, Cari Kelley, Doc Elder, Mini Coop

Sports Play by Play
KIXN-FM - Tatum Vs Ft. Sumner
TJ Miracle Play by Play/Ty Friend Commentary

Public Service Announcement
KSMX-FM - Fun Safe Summer Campaign
KT Kelley

Public Service Campaign
KSMX-FM - Mix 107.5s Secret Santa
Duffy Moon, Amber Kaye, Cari Kelley

Station Promotional Announcement
KSMX-FM - The Mix Mom Prom
Duffy Moon

KSMX-FM - heymix.com
Duffy Moon

:30 Commercial
KYEE-FM - John Sleeping
James White - Talent Jamie Prather - Talent Tammie Reynolds - Producer

:60 Commercial
KQEL - Burro Street Bakery
Julianne Muench, Joe Muench - Talent Tammie Reynolds - Producer

Social Media Integration
KNMJ - Broadcasting Sports with video streaming, radio and social media
Susan Fine, Kasie Taylor and Monica Danner

Specialty Show
KIXN-FM - NMJC Wins National Indoor Track Championship
Dawn Morgan