2018 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards

Metro Market Radio

DJ Personality Aircheck
KBQI-FM - Afternoons with Bev
Bev Rainey

Breaking News
KUNM-FM - APS Policy Retains Transgender Studentsí Rights
Marisa Demarco

Feature News Story
Pat Allen

Continuing Coverage
KUNM-FM - Enduring Addiction: The Long Fight Against Heroin In Northern New Mexico
Ed Williams

KUNM-FM - Chris Boros Newscaster And All Things Considered Host At KUNM
Chris Boros

Complete Newscast Station
KKOB-AM - Morning News
Judith Jenkins

Sports Show or Interview
KNML-AM - Brian Urlacher KNML Interview
Mikael Lamonde/Jeff Siembieda & JJ Buck

Morning Show
KZRR - The 94 Rock Morning Show
Rob Brothers, Phil Mahoney, Stephanie Gregg

Sports Play by Play
KQTM - 6A Football Championship Las Cruces at Rio Rancho 12316
PBP: Scott Galetti, Color David Williams, Producer: Kelly Watson, Stats: Adam Noel and Austin Denton

Public Service Announcement
KTEG-FM - Animal Welfare Sidekick
Jeff Brown

Public Service Campaign
KPEK-FM - Radiothon to benefit the University of New Mexico Childrens Hospital
Ryan Safford, Tony Manero, Jackie James, Donnie Chase

Station Promotional Announcement
KARS-AM/FM - WWE Live: The Holiday Tour
Benny Martinez, Writer. Scott Mayton, Producer. Zeus Stewart, Voice Talent

KQTM - KQTM - Website 1017theteam.com
Web Master: Andy Swanson

:30 Commercial
KQTM - Rob`s Place
Talent: Bob Brown, Mike Burt, Mercedes Morton, Sean King Producers: Mike Burt, Sean King

:60 Commercial
Producer: Ricardo Ramirez Talent: Ricardo Ramirez

Social Media Integration
KQTM - KQTM Social Media Integration
Producers: Mike Burt, Andy Swanson

Specialty Show
KHFM-FM - Live Broadcast of Opera Southwest Tancredi part 1
Kathlene Ritch, announcer Brent Stevens, producer/engineer