Why the networks' fall season launches still matter
Sep 22, 2014

Fall TV Season Has Buzz, but It’s Growing Softer

It is a throwback, an archaic model, a vestige of a fading business. So why does a ripple of excitement continue to surround the start of another television season?

Excitement may overstate the case. But among those in the business, as the broadcast networks once again offer full slates of original programming this week, a sense of eager expectation still beats in some hearts.

“Look at the season previews you still see everywhere — in print, online, in podcasts,” said Preston Beckman, who in his long career has programmed the prime-time schedules at NBC and Fox. “There is still going to be a lot of focus on the new network shows. I’m not saying it’s like it was in the glory days. But I do believe this is the time of year when the networks get a chance to step up to the forefront.” READ MORE

Clear Channel Changes Name to iHeartMedia
Sep 16, 2014

Clear Channel says is changing its name to iHeartMedia, "reflecting the company¹s success in becoming a one-of-a-kind multi-platform media company with unparalleled reach and impact. From the company press release: "The newly named company includes a wide range of advertising-supported, consumer-focused media businesses, including 859 radio stations in over 150 markets, with more than 245 million listeners a month -- the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America; iHeartMedia Digital, with its more than 90 million digital monthly uniques; Premiere Networks, which syndicates 90 radio programs and services to more than 5,500 radio affiliates; the Total Traffic and Weather Network, reaching almost all U.S. commuters; 20,000 live music events, all of which generate massive consumer engagement on social media platforms and the largest of which are even televised; its related companies, including Katz Media Group; as well as Clear Channel Outdoor, one of the world's largest outdoor advertising companies.

"iHeartMedia reflects our commitment to being the media company that provides the most entertainment to the most engaged audiences wherever they go, with more content and more events in more places on more devices," said Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, Inc. READ MORE

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