Primetime Emmys: Can broadcast compete against cable?
Aug 26, 2014

(CNN) -- With one of his first jokes at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, host Seth Meyers cut to the chase:

"MTV aired the Video Music Awards last night. That's right, MTV still has an award for music videos even though they no longer show music videos," he said. "That's like network TV holding an awards show and giving all the trophies to cable and Netflix. That would be crazy. Why would they do that?"

There was loud laughter in the auditorium -- knowing laughter, because that's what the Emmys have resembled in recent years: an awards show on network TV celebrating cable TV.

In fact, Monday's telecast felt at times like an elaborate commercial for network TV, interrupted ever so briefly by an actual commercial that Netflix paid to air during the first of the three hours. It was a reminder that the answer to the question "What's the future of television?" is "all of the above." READ MORE

Aug 26, 2014

John Garziglia, Radio Ink

Charging for news coverage -- dollars for stories – sounds like something that shocks the conscience. A Nogales radio station is alleged to have charged its Nogales city government for positive news interviews about its municipal performance. What, if any, might be an FCC violation here and does the city of Nogales have any valid FCC complaint because the radio station levied charges for paid news interviews?

This is a sponsorship identification issue. Simply put, any radio station content for which a radio station or someone associated with the station receives compensation, whether it be for news stories, commentary, music, appearances or mentions, must be identified as sponsored. If such paid-for content is not so identified, then there is a significant FCC rule violation.

Several years ago, television stations became embroiled in issues with video news releases (VNRs). Television stations were fined by the FCC for using corporate VNRs in news broadcasts without stating that the VNRs were supplied by outside entities that just happened to have an interest in the content and points of view stated in the VNRs. READ MORE

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